Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

Mourinho complains about Spanish 'campaign'

Outspoken Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho complained Sunday of a concerted "campaign" directed against him.
"In contrast to other leagues where I've managed here I feel like there is a campaign against me," he told Spanish newspaper El Mundo.
"The other day a friend suggested to me that with all the stones thrown at me you could build a monument."
The self-styled 'Special One' added: "There are today few people who have the truth as their guiding principle, as for myself I can get things wrong but I always say what I believe, what I feel, without being afraid of the consequences. As a result a lot of people don't excuse that."
The Portuguese on Tuesday slammed "hypocrisy in football" on learning he faces a potential suspension after the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) opened a disciplinary inquiry into his Supercup fracas with Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova.
Mourinho insisted last week he was not sorry for poking Vilanova in the eye in the final moments of their 3-2 loss, which gave Barca an overall 5-4 aggregate triumph.
But after television images and press photos gave the incident widespread coverage, the Federation moved to act.
Madrid insist that Mourinho was responding to a series of provocations and insults from the Barca bench after tensions boiled over at the Camp Nou.
The RFEF's disciplinary committee said it had opened an inquiry against Mourinho for his behaviour which could breach two articles of the body's disciplinary code.
If the committee finds against Mourinho he could be suspended for between four and 12 matches based on the first article and between four and ten on the basis of the second.
He could additionally be fined if found to have engaged in "serious misconduct."

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