Rabu, 07 September 2011

Warnock eyes Beckham for QPR

Queens Park Rangers manager Neil Warnock on Wednesday dropped the biggest hint yet that the Premier League side are chasing David Beckham.
Newly promoted Rangers, who last month saw ambitious Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes become the majority shareholder, have since consistently been linked with Beckham, who plays for LA Galaxy.
"About three weeks ago I would not have dreamed to sign Joey Barton so I will never write anything off," said Warnock, who has embellished his squad with several new players since Fernandes arrived at the London club.
"The chairman Tony Fernandes has got such (an opinion)... why accept the average when you can reach for the top?"
"That is how he is. It came out of the blue. I think anything is possible. He is a very astute businessman," Warnock said in a conference call with Malaysian media.

Fernandes, the flamboyant head of fast-growing budget airline AirAsia, said in a tweet Tuesday: "I think having someone like David (Beckham) in the club would be great. Was always in my thoughts. Let's see."
Midfielder Beckham, 36, has been linked with a host of English clubs.
QPR have won one and lost two of their opening games, but have added French fullback Armand Traore, former England defender Luke Young and Barton, who arrived on a free from Newcastle United.
"I think Tony realised that we do need to have some good players into the squad," said Warnock.
"And we went about it and managed to get nearly every player we wanted.
"It was hard work but the reward now is that we have a chance now of sustaining the position in the Premier League and taking the club forward."

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