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Free steampunk pirate app tops North American iPad charts

A steampunk-themed pirate game titled Crimson: Steam Pirates is proving popular in both Canada and the USA where it was the most downloaded free iPad application over the past seven days. The app belongs to the steampunk science fiction sub-genre -- set in an era featuring steam power but incorporating anachronistic technologies -- and features pirate ships, air ships and submarines battling for supremacy in the Caribbean. Details of other top free iPad applications by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on September 5 can be found below.
1. USACrimson: Steam Pirates (games)
Players of this steampunk-themed swashbuckling adventure app assume the character of pirate Captain Thomas Blood as they battle submarines, airships and other pirates for supremacy in the Caribbean. According to the developers, the application was chosen by Apple as the iPad 'game of the week'.
2. UK
Mr. Giggle 2 HD Lite
This application is the successor to the popular puzzle game Mr. Giggle. As with the first game, players of Mr Giggle 2 gain points by forming rows of blocks of the same color in the fastest possible time. The game includes novice and expert modes and offers players in-game advice.
3. France
Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway, free for a limited time only, challenges players to make their way over a zombie-infested highway. Players can either mow down the undead using their car or shoot them from the moving vehicle with an arsenal of guns.
4. Canada
Crimson: Steam Pirates
See 'Crimson: Steam Pirates'.
5.  Japan
Hulu Plus
Users of this application, which requires a Hulu Plus subscription, can stream episodes of classic and current TV shows from the VOD service direct to their iPad. The application requires a WiFi or 3G network connection to stream content.
6. Australia
Skype for iPad
(social networking)
This application provides iPad users with all the features of video calling service Skype. In addition to making free Skype-Skype video calls, users can also make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles across the world.
7. Germany
Die Waldfibel
This application, translated as 'The Forest Guide' in English, provides users with facts about Germany's woodlands. Users of the app can test their knowledge with quizzes and access information about plants, trees and animals in the surrounding forests.
8. China
纹测算 (entertainment)
Roughly translated as 'Fingerprint Calculation,' this application provides users with a light-hearted analysis of what personality traits their fingerprints indicate.
9. Italy
Sky Go Italia
This official application from the satellite channel Sky allows subscribers of the Sky Go service to access real-time football content from Sky content on their mobile device. The application can also be synced with the user's set-top box to remind them when a pre-selected program is about to begin.
10. Korea
배 틀사천성 HD 온라인 (entertainment)
This application roughly translates into English as 'Battle born four HD online'. The app combines a type of tile-based board game with an aggressive ‘war' theme; players can challenge others to game across the internet and share news of their victories over Facebook and Twitter.


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