Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Rijsbergen plans to train RI team at beach

Indonesian national soccer team coach Wim Rijsbergen has announced plans to train the team at a beach in Banten, in efforts to improve their fitness, which he says is the team's main weakness.
The training was also necessary to prepare the players for the hot weather they will likely face in Iran, Qatar and Bahrain, teams Indonesia will face in the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers for Asia Group E.
The national team also plans to hold friendly games against two teams from the Middle East, team RI general manager Arya Abhiseka said Tuesday as quoted by
"The friendly games .... are necessary because we need to know and get the feel of the Middle Eastern teams' character,” he said Monday. Rijsbergen has reportedly also planned to hire a physical trainer and a keeper trainer from Europe.
In the previous round, Indonesia beat Turkmenistan 5-4 on aggregate.


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