Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

Nazaruddin implicates another KPK chief candidate

Graft fugitive and dismissed Democratic Party treasurer, Muhammad Nazaruddin, accused West Sumatra chief prosecutor Sutan Bagindo Fachmi of having bribed the party’s chairman, Anas Urbaningrum, in order to be elected one of  the Corruption Eradication Commission’s (KPK) five leaders.
“Anas and I met with Sutan at a Japanese restaurant. Sutan gave Anas approximately Rp 1 billion in US currency in cash. He handed over the money in front of me,” Nazaruddin told The Jakarta Post via a Blackberry text message on Tuesday.

Nazaruddin claimed that the money was intended to help Anas in his bid to become party chairman. “The meeting took place in May 2010. In return, Sutan wanted Anas to help him become elected as a KPK leader,” Nazaruddin said.
Also on Tuesday, Sutan acknowledged that he knew Nazaruddin but then denied the allegation. Instead, he accused the fugitive of trying to intervene with an investigation into allegations of corruption surrounding a fictitious project in Damas Raya regency.
“After naming Damas Raya Regent Marlon Martua as a graft suspect, Nazaruddin got mad at me. He claimed that Anas had approved his suggestion to release Marlon. I didn’t buy it. He then threatened to dismiss me from my position as chief prosecutor,” Sutan told journalists.
Anas, meanwhile, did not respond to the Post’s request for confirmation.
Sutan is running for KPK leader and is currently undergoing a series of tests conducted by the government’s selection committee. Nazaruddin previously accused two other KPK leader candidates, incumbent Chandra M. Hamzah, and KPK deputy for enforcement Ade Rahardja, of misconduct by conducting an illicit deal with Anas. The accusation has resulted in Chandra and Ade being ruled out as candidates at the preliminary stage of the selection process.
Nazaruddin fled to Singapore a few days after his role in a high-profile graft  case - surrounding the construction of an athletes' village project - was revealed. He has been named an Interpol fugitive.


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