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PlayStation Vita UK release date possibly outed by leaked Blockbuster flyer

Sony has already stated clearly that the plan is to launch the PlayStation Vita this year. Two big questions remain though: where and when? Popular opinion puts the initial launch in Japan, since the hardware maker’s country of origin is also where the PlayStation Portable kicked off the previous generation of handheld gaming devices. Other rumors have pointed to the United States, Europe and even a day-and-date worldwide launch for one and all. The latest hint nods across the pond to Europe, thanks to what appears to be an release date list for Blockbuster in the UK, submitted anonymously to IGN.
The flyer pegs October 28 as the release date for both the Wi-Fi-only and 3G+Wi-Fi versions of the PS Vita. The authenticity of the document has yet to be confirmed by Blockbuster nor has the post been updated with any official comment from Sony. There’s a good chance this document is either fake or very old, since some of the other dates listed don’t quite match up with reality. Uncharted 3, for example, is listed for a November 4 release, though the game actually hits the UK and Europe on November 2. Same goes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a November 8 release listed on the flyer as November 11. Also, and this is more speculative, it seems highly unlikely that Sony would release the new platform on the same day as Battlefield 3, which should be one of the holiday season’s bigger titles.
Given all of that, PS Vita fans might not want to put too much stock in that October 28 date. While the Vita is almost definitely coming before the end of this year, only Sony can clear up where you’ll be able to buy it and when it will be available. Hopefully the company will do that soon.

source: http://news.yahoo.com/playstation-vita-uk-release-date-possibly-outed-leaked-143017979.html

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